Did you know that 86% of people worry that their sex life is too boring? 

Let’s be real for a sec… 

You’re part of that 86%. 

First of all — no shame! We’ve been there ourselves. 

Like so many couples, things were hot and heavy when we first met. But as the newness faded, sex started to become more routine — and less frequent. 

It’s actually kinda scary to realize how easy it is to slide into a rut with your sex life. 

A rut that leaves you wondering, “What the heck happened to us?! What happened to that couple that couldn’t keep their hands off of each other?!”
Late one night when you can’t sleep, you grab your phone, angle it away from your partner, open an incognito tab, and start Googling, “How to spice up your sex life.”

But the ideas you come across are just… weird? 

Your partner would laugh if you greeted them at the door wearing nothing but plastic wrap. (And if the kids saw, that would require years of therapy to undo!) And you tried that whipped cream bikini thing years ago, but it just created a sticky, curdled mess. 

You toss your phone aside in frustration.

You already know you should be trying new things in the bedroom.
This isn’t new information. 

But it’s just so much harder than it sounds!
It feels like you don’t have the time to try anything new.
As it is, you already feel guilty that you guys aren’t having sex more often. (It feels like everyone else has more sex than you do…) So when you do find a rare time to be intimate, you don’t want to risk “wasting” it by trying something new that might not work. (Even though your go-to routine isn’t particularly exciting…)
And it feels embarrassing to imagine bringing it up to your partner.
You can’t decide what’s worse — them saying something like, “Thank God you’re bringing this up! I’ve been bored to tears for years!” or “I don’t really care. Aren’t things OK enough?” 

And then there are the ideas themselves.
You can cringe at all the bizarre ones you find on the internet, but you don’t have any better ideas yourself!
Maybe all those weirdos on the internet actually have it figured out, and you’re the one who just needs to get on board with cooking dinner in nothing but high heels?
If your heart is starting to race just reading this — but not in a good way — have no fear! 

It doesn’t have to be this hard! We’ve made it easy with The Sex Challenge

It’s a therapist-created, research-backed adventure that has helped thousands of couples bring the spark back into their relationship. 

Here’s the thing — spicing it up in the bedroom actually is great advice! Research has shown that our brains light up when we try new things. 

There’s nothing that creates more intimacy, connection, and passion than exploring in the bedroom with your partner. 

It’s the best and fastest way to get the spark back — and keep it alive for life. 

But we know “trying new things” can be more challenging in practice than in theory, so we’ve done all the work for you. We came up with the best “bang for your buck” ideas, we tested and refined them with thousands of couples, and we turned it into a fun and unique adventure. 

All you have to do is check your email! The Sex Challenge will get you into that elite 14% of “we’re still hot for each other!” couples, with challenges that are playful, exciting, and stress-free.

Get started today for $139, and try it risk-free for 5 days!

Every day for 30 days, you’ll get an email from us with two new ideas to try in the bedroom together:

A Sensual Activity — an activity based around communication, touch, or foreplay (because sometimes the hottest moments happen with your clothes on!).

A Sexual Activity — an R-rated assignment (but it’s not always intercourse!).

You and your partner get to choose which activity you want to try that day (and who knows, maybe you’ll end up doing both!). 

No more wondering what to do — the challenge takes the guesswork out of getting creative in the bedroom. 

And — surprise! — the activities are actually tools, tips, and techniques in disguise! Each one is designed using Vanessa’s experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help you and your partner bring more intimacy, communication, and connection into your relationship.

The Sex Challenge is so effective because it doesn’t feel like you’re “working” on your relationship. You’re just having fun together again!

30 days of emails with two sex-therapist-approved options per day: a Sensual Activity and a Sexual Activity.

Easy activities you can complete in 2-15 minutes a day. They’re designed to be flexible to fit into your busy lifestyle.

​​A go-at-your-own-pace approach to reigniting the spark. This challenge is as flexible as a Cirque du Soleil performer… you can pause it at any time. If life gets busy, you can take a break and jump back in when you’re ready. Or do the challenges every other day or once a week, depending on what works for your schedule.

Detailed PDF guide with all of the activities and a calendar to track your progress.

Lifetime access to the challenge.

Try it risk-free for 5 days! No questions asked refund policy if you decide the challenge isn't for you within 5 days of purchase.

Let’s say you wanted to book a session with Vanessa to discuss spicing up your sex life and getting out of your rut. Unfortunately, she's no longer taking new clients. 

But if she was still taking clients, you'd be looking at shelling out $750 for the first session. Realistically, there's no way she could cram 30 days' worth of ideas and activities into just one session, so you’d be spending in the 4-figures range. We feel confident you’d feel like it was worth every penny, but we still appreciate that’s a huge number for most people.

But what if you only had to pay a fraction of that and get the same results?

Part of the reason we created The Sex Challenge is because Vanessa’s practice was booked out for months, and we wanted to give couples a much, much more affordable way to access all of her tips and techniques.

So we’ve made The Sex Challenge available to you for just $139!

That’s about the price of a cup of coffee a day. Your relationship deserves at least as much as your latte obsession, doesn’t it?

Get started today for $139, and try it risk-free for 5 days!

Reviews & Success Stories
The Sex Challenge is one of our most popular and highest-reviewed offerings!

Thousands of relationships have been revived, babies have been conceived, and countless orgasms have been enjoyed. 

Here are just a few of their stories…
  • We’re really busy! How much time will it take?
    5-15 minutes!

    We know you’ve got a packed schedule which is why you only need to commit a few minutes a day to the challenge.

    That’s a lot less time than it takes to watch an episode of that horrible reality TV show you’re binging! Why not put Netflix on pause and take time to prioritize the “chill”?
  • What if we already know we can’t do it every day?
    The challenge is super flexible. You can do an activity whenever you have the time, whether that’s every other day or once a week.

    Just save the daily emails, and open one whenever you’re ready.
  • What if we get busy and miss a day or two?
    No worries! We give you the capability to pause the challenge and pick it back up whenever you’re ready.

    The point is to make prioritizing your sex life feel fun, exciting, and doable — because it should be.
  • Do we have to have sex every day?
    Nope! This challenge includes one Sensual option and one Sexual option each day. Our definition of sex includes touch, foreplay, and lots more. Intercourse isn’t always on the menu… you’ll find plenty of other exciting activities.
  • Is this challenge only for straight couples?
    No, our challenges are designed for couples of any gender and orientation!

Finally, there’s a clear path to the "best sex ever"!
And it’s just a few clicks away.

Get started today for $139, and try it risk-free for 5 days!

Picture it...
One month from now, you’re curled up with your partner, thinking about all the fresh and sexy activities you tried together over the past weeks. 

You’re discussing your favorites. Laughing about that one thing you didn’t expect to like so much. And flirting about the activities you want to try again tonight. 

There’s actually sexual tension between the two of you again! There’s electricity in the air.
Sex is finally something you’re craving again. Because it’s better than ever.
You’re even noticing more small moments of intimacy throughout the day. Your partner grazing your back when they pass by you at home. Stopping to give you a kiss before they leave the room. Taking that extra moment to look into your eyes before they say goodnight.
And you’ve changed too. You feel more confident. More relaxed, and more alive.
People around you are noticing. Your friends keep asking you if you cut your hair or got a facial because you’re glowing. Your kids want to know why you’re both laughing so much. 

Before the challenge, you were fixated on the past. Resentful of how effortless intimacy used to feel. Scared by how much more complicated it had gotten. 

Now, you’re endlessly grateful for the present moment, and excited about the future… 

This can be what life looks like for you! All you have to do is scroll down to get going. 

It all starts with a choice.
You could let another month fly by in the blink of an eye, and find yourself stuck in the exact same spot you’re in right now.

Or you could spend it having the best sex of your life!

Get started today!

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