Ease into Butt Stuff the smart, safe, and actually pleasurable way with our complete step-by-step guide!

You’re open to new adventures in the bedroom. But there’s one area you’ve been too nervous to explore…

Ahem… *Butt Stuff.*

Or maybe you’ve experimented a bit, but it felt more awkward than amazing.

You’ve heard how good it can feel. How much fun it can be. And how into it everyone else seems to be!

But every time the thought comes up, you stamp it out quickly, thinking…

"I’m intrigued, but there are just Too. Many. Things. That could go wrong!"

The cringe-factor“How can I relax enough to enjoy the experience when just *thinking* about butt stuff makes me feel awkward?”

The possibility of pain “What if I try it, only to end up moaning in pain rather than pleasure?”

The potential mess “Will this be really sexy… or REALLY embarrassing?”

Your self-consciousness, worries, and doubts have made trying butt stuff in the past feel too taboo.

Still, whether it’s a wandering finger or your wandering mind, there’s just something about it that keeps you intrigued.

The good news is… there are simple steps you can take to overcome your nerves, and finally experience just how good backdoor play can be.

That’s exactly why we’ve created our brand *spankin’* new Butt Stuff guide.

To show you the smart, clean, and super fun way to open up this new side of your sex life.
You’re not the only one flirting with the idea...

Our Butt Stuff guide leaves no stone unturned—we demystify every ass-pect , provide simple solutions to calm your nerves, and walk you through the whole process.

So you’ll understand exactly what to do to expand your horizontal horizons and thoroughly enjoy the art of butt play.

A full breakdown of the ins and outs of butt stuff. We’re busting common myths, clearing up what butt stuff actually is and why people like it, and helping you consider all your options before diving in.

A tastefully illustrated guide that walks you through every last detail, step by step. So you know exactly what to do from the initial prep all the way through to aftercare.

Tips, techniques, and positions for every body and experience level. We’ve got you covered whether you’re using toys, fingers, or a penis. And whether you’re just beginning or you’re looking for more advanced tips as your exploration grows!

Lifetime access to the guide — peek at it anytime you want to explore old favorite tips and ideas, try something new, or get a quick refresher on any step of the process.

We know butt stuff can seem intimidating or even a little scary at first.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t have to jump right into the deep end before testing the waters.

And you don’t have to rely on sketchy Google search results you definitely wouldn’t want showing up in your search history…

Our detailed Butt Stuff guide offers tips you can trust. So you’re free to explore confidently and at your own pace.

Overcome your fears about butt stuff. Whether you’re considering trying it for the first time, or you’re ready for more advanced tips. We’ll help you enjoy the experience—without the pain, mess, or embarrassment.

Master a new skill in bed. Finally understand and explore the many ways to engage in butt stuff (hint: there’s so much more than just anal intercourse!).

Grow more confidence in your sex life. A thorough understanding of butt stuff will leave you feeling excited and ready to keep adding new layers to your sexual exploration.

Feel more connection with your partner. Sexy new adventures improve communication and trust in relationships. Who knew butt stuff could make you fall more in love with your partner?!

Get it now for only $69!

  • Is this guide just about anal intercourse?
    Nope! Butt Stuff is so much more than just anal sex. This guide will help you experiment with backdoor play in ways that feel good, even if you only want to use hands or toys.
  • Is it beginner-friendly?
    Yes, this guide is perfect for beginners! It covers everything you need to know to take the nerves out of trying anal play. From basic anatomy and preparation for both partners to beginner-friendly positions and self-pleasure options.
  • Will I get anything out of this if I’m more experienced with butt stuff?
    Yes! It includes more advanced tips and acts to expand the exploration—like pegging, rimming, and more!
  • Is this… going to get messy?
    When it comes to butt stuff, some of the most common questions asked are about hygiene. In the guide, we cover so many ways to help you have a clean, safe experience while keeping embarrassment to a minimum.
  • Should I be worried about pain?
    Two key elements of pleasurable butt play are making sure you’re relaxed and tuned in to your body’s cues. Both are great skills to develop in the bedroom, even if you don’t wind up loving butt play! We give you plenty of tips for mastering these techniques so you can minimize pain and maximize pleasure.
  • What if my partner likes butt stuff a little too much?
    In the guide, we bust common myths, like whether your partner enjoying anal play puts their sexual orientation into question (spoiler alert: it doesn’t!). And if you’re concerned about your partner preferring butt stuff over other acts, think of it like this… You’re adding a tasty option to the menu, but who wants the same dinner every night?!
  • Is this guide inclusive?
    Yes! We aim to ensure our products are inclusive of all genders and orientations. Plus, the great thing is—everyone has a butt! And toys and hands can feel really good, so anyone can be the “receiver” or the “giver.”
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Butt stuff doesn’t have to be awkward.

Instead, it could be a hot new secret

between the two of you.

It’s been on your mind. And now it’s time to finally venture through the backdoor with confidence.

There’s nothing more exciting than giving in to temptation and embarking on a cheeky new adventure together.

It’s a chance to turn something that used to feel nerve-wracking into a fun, playful, and deeply satisfying part of your sex life!
With our easy tips and step-by-step guidance, you’ll be set to give your partner the surprise booty call of their life — tonight!

Grab Butt Stuff for just $69!

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