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Get fluent in the sexiest love language of all and discover a different kind of oral!

Dirty Talk 101 will help you uncover your authentic dirty talk voice and get confident using this sexy strategy to spice things up in the bedroom.

Get the guide for just $69 $49!

Dirty talk is hot A.F. but it can also feel super scary to whip out those spicy words in the heat of the moment.

That’s why we created Dirty Talk 101. This guide takes the intimidation out of turning on your partner, building desire, and making every encounter absolutely titillating.

When you level up your dirty talk skills you…

Boost your confidence because you’ll feel like a teasing and tempting badass.

Get totally turned on because nothing builds anticipation and desire like talking about what you’re doing to do to each other beforehand.

Have better sex because you tell your partner EXACTLY what you want. (Don’t even know what you like in bed? Dirty talk will help you uncover it!)

Explore new things because dirty talk is a low-risk way to change up your routine and bring more fun into the bedroom. (And you’re always 100% in control!)

Strengthen your connection because dirty talk infuses playfulness into the bedroom. Plus, nothing is sexier than telling your partner how good they make you feel and hearing those hot compliments murmured back!

Inside this guide you’ll find everything you need:

A step-by-step process — Discover the words that make you and your partner tingle! (And avoid the ones that make you cringe.) 

Over 200 ideas & examples — You don’t have to write a romance novel to get good at talking dirty. Our guide is filled with examples you can use word-for-word in the heat of the moment.

Fun & flirty worksheets — Our Between the Sheets Worksheets are designed to get you and your partner on the same page when it comes to dirty talk. Go through them on your own and together to see what sexy surprises you can discover about each other. 

10 dirty talk games — The only thing hotter than dirty talk is making it into a sexy game. You’ll find fun and hot as hell dirty talk games you and your partner can play together to take things to the next level. 

Troubleshooting tips — Our best advice for dealing with your dirty talk hurdles, all in one place. 

You don’t have to beg for it…

Dirty Talk 101 is yours for just $69 $49.

You like how that feels?

Get the guide for just $69 $49!

Sweet words about our spicy dirty talk advice

Wish your significant other would give dirty talking a try? This guide is an easy way to get them started!

Dirty Talk 101 can help even the shyest person overcome their dirty talk roadblocks.

The guide is filled with hundreds of examples and lots of playful games that make dirty talk fun and approachable. Go through it together and you’ll both have a hot new technique to turn each other on.

It doesn’t have to be so hard to say something sexy during sex!

Say goodbye to feeling silly and self-conscious.

Say see ya to clamming up instead of speaking up.

Say adios to doubting your sexy self during passionate moments.

Free your mind, find the words, and get confident in your dirty talk technique with Dirty Talk 101.

Are you ready for it?

It’s waiting just for you…
Discover YOUR dirty talk voice
and get fluent in this major turn-on!

Grab Dirty Talk 101 for just $69 $49!

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