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It's time to give — and receive! — “I didn’t know it could be this good!” pleasure with The Ultimate Foreplay Guides.

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Did you know that 64% of people say they want more foreplay than they currently get?

In fact, most people say they wish they had foreplay during every sexual experience.

Not to mention foreplay is the best path to orgasm for most people. (Did you know that ONLY 10-15% of women can orgasm through intercourse alone?)

So why aren’t you doing it more often?

We asked our community to tell us the biggest challenges and frustrations they’re currently facing with foreplay. 

 Here’s what the women said:

And here’s what the men said:

Here’s the truth… no one taught you HOW to have sex. If you’re like most people, you’ve just been figuring it out as you go along.

And foreplay can feel extra intimidating because the “how to” is a lot trickier to master than intercourse.

It doesn’t help that there’s so much terrible advice floating around out there. Like, “put a donut around a dick and eat it off.” Or, “sprinkle pepper under your partner's nose right as they're about to orgasm because it will make the O stronger.”

So you might end up rushing your way through foreplay, hoping you’re not doing anything terrible or embarrassing.

Or you might be so nervous about not knowing what you’re doing that you avoid foreplay altogether.

Or maybe it’s your partner that you’re worried about. Maybe they never offer to focus on you, or you can tell they’re too uncomfortable to let you focus on them.

Whatever the case may be, we don’t want you missing out on all of the foreplay fun.

Foreplay can and should be one of the most exciting and intimate things you do with your partner!

That’s why we created The Ultimate Foreplay Guides.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions — in both written and audio format — that guide you through expertly fingering and going down on a vulva, and giving jaw-dropping hand jobs and blow jobs.

BRAND NEW Animated GIFs — Beautiful, tasteful illustrations that will help you become an expert at our hottest foreplay techniques.

Written and audio versions of both guides.

Over 100 unique techniques designed to give your partner maximum pleasure.

Secret hacks to get your partner begging for more.

Detailed descriptions of the exact spots you must hit.

A variety of positions, so you always have a new way to spice things up.

Inclusive language and visuals, because everyone deserves to enjoy pleasure.

Exactly what to do before, during, and after orgasm to ensure a “my soul just left my body” experience.

Grab one for $49 or get both for just $69 (a 30% savings!)


For the next 30 minutes, we’re offering The Foreplay Bonus Package worth over $250 with ANY purchase of The Ultimate Foreplay Guides.

Here’s exactly what you get:


What Men And Women Secretly Want Out Of Foreplay

We asked the people in our community, “What do you secretly wish your partner knew about foreplay?” The answers were jaw-dropping. ($29 value!)


Get Comfortable Receiving Foreplay masterclass

Never peek at the clock again because you’re worried you’re taking too long. Let go of the anxious thoughts like, “They’re probably tired by now. I should just fake it…” and, “Are they grossed out by my body?” ($99 value!)


Foreplay Cheatcode worksheet

This worksheet is a no-nonsense, fool-proof way to uncover your partner’s foreplay cheatcode in only a few minutes. We’re talking details you’ve never even thought of. ($29 value!)


Solve All Your Foreplay Frustrations masterclass

Finally get the answers to those questions that you’ve never seen answered ANYWHERE. We’re talking super specific foreplay frustrations that have you convinced you’re the only one in the world experiencing it. ($99 value!)

Get both guides and ALL the bonuses for just $69!

Finally forget those ridiculous BJ moves you’ve read about in magazines and those gravity-defying positions in porn. (Are they on wires!?!)

The Ultimate Foreplay Guides are for real people.

We’ve spent years creating, testing, and refining these techniques, and getting feedback from thousands of people.

The guides have already helped tens of thousands of couples bring more intimacy, pleasure, and playfulness into their relationships.

They’re our most popular and best-reviewed guides for a reason.

And guess what? We now offer a 5-day money-back guarantee, so you've truly got NOTHING to lose!

Boost your confidence by knowing EXACTLY how to give your partner otherworldly pleasure.

Bring excitement and fun into the bedroom by adding some fresh moves to your routine.

Build a stronger connection by exploring new techniques together.

Get The Vulva Pleasure Edition OR The Penis Pleasure Edition for just $49 each.

OR grab them BOTH — PLUS over $250 in bonuses — for only $69!

(That’s a 30% savings!)

Get both guides for just $69!

Vanessa used to only share these techniques with her 1:1 clients.

So let’s jump back in time and envision what that would have looked like for you…

After finding a time that worked with her limited availability and your packed family calendar, sitting through rush hour traffic after work, hunting for a parking spot, and just barely making it to your appointment on time, you’d be paying her typical rate of over $500 per session. The information in these guides would take a minimum of three sessions to get through, so you’d be looking at a bill of $1,500 at least. (We still feel confident that you’d think it was worth every penny, but that’s a huge investment for most people!)

The reason Vanessa stopped offering one-on-one therapy and started creating digital guides is that she wanted her tools and techniques to be accessible AND affordable.

So instead of that $1,500 investment, we’re now able to offer you the same game-changing, next-level techniques for a truly incredible price…

Only $49 for The Vulva Pleasure Edition OR The Penis Pleasure Edition, or you can get BOTH for just $69! (A 30% savings.)

And you get lifetime access to the guides!

Whether you’re a complete foreplay newbie who lacks confidence, or you’re someone who feels pretty good about your technique but is always looking to uplevel, The Ultimate Foreplay Guides will show you how to give your partner the best sexual experience of their entire life. Period.

We think you’re going to have A LOT of fun going through the guides with your partner. We get messages all the time about how simply looking at the guides together leads to some unexpected (and totally spectacular) sex.

Say something like, “You know Vanessa and Xander, that account I follow on Instagram? Apparently their #1 best seller is their Ultimate Foreplay Guides. I’ve seen so many incredible reviews, so I decided to get them for us and see how much fun we can have with them!”

The key is to be light and upbeat with your tone. If you sound excited, your partner will follow your lead.

Here’s a bonus option — get the guides, skip the conversation!

Just get The Ultimate Foreplay Guides on your own and use them on your partner first, without telling them anything. After you leave them speechless, say something like, “I found something fun on the internet and decided to surprise you! What did you think?” Then tell them, “There’s another half that you can use on me…”

The illustrations now include GIFs!

The GIFs are tasteful, detailed, and genuinely helpful. You’ll be able to see exactly what goes into each technique and feel confident when it’s time to blow your partner’s mind with your new moves. 

Plus, they add a sense of playfulness to the guides! We want you and your partner to feel the fun, no-stress joy of giving each other pleasure! 

WARNING: These GIFs may even turn you on as you peruse the different techniques!

Get both guides for just $69!

Here’s more of what our thoroughly and completely SATISFIED customers are saying…

Don’t miss out on your chance to see how better foreplay can increase your confidence, passion, connection, and pleasure… TONIGHT!

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Uncover your partner’s foreplay cheatcode in MINUTES ($29 value worksheet)

Learn how to get out of your head and drop into your body so you can finally enjoy receiving foreplay ($99 value masterclass)

Finally get the answers to questions you've never seen answered ANYWHERE ($99 value masterclass)

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