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Want to blow your partner's mind?

Skyrocket your confidence with
our foolproof foreplay moves!

Get both guides for just $49

It’s time to shake up your routine, and give — and experience! — more pleasure with The Ultimate Foreplay Guides.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to finger and go down on a vulva and how to give a hand job and a blow job on a penis.

New techniques are designed to give your partner maximum pleasure.

A variety of positions for each foreplay technique, so you always have a new way to spice things up.

Troubleshooting tips so you can stay cool and confident at all times.

Answers to common questions like, “What if I’m scared about my partner coming in my mouth?”

Beautiful, tasteful illustrations that make it easy to follow along.

Inclusive language and visuals because everyone deserves to enjoy pleasure.

How To Finger A Vulva

How To Go Down On A Vulva

How To Give A Hand Job

How To Give A Blow Job

Get both guides for just $49!

Here’s the truth… none of us were taught HOW to have sex, so we’ve all just been figuring it out as we go along.

And foreplay can feel extra intimidating because the “how to” is a lot trickier to master than intercourse.

It doesn’t help that there’s so much terrible advice floating around out there. Like, “Put a donut around a dick and eat it off.” Or, “Sprinkle pepper under your partner's nose right as they're about to orgasm because it will make the O stronger.” (You can thank Cosmopolitan magazine for those!)

So most of us bumble our way through foreplay, hoping we’re just not doing anything terrible or embarrassing.

Or we get so nervous about not knowing what we’re doing that we avoid foreplay altogether!

And that’s a bummer because the direct stimulation you receive during foreplay is the best path to pleasure for most people. (Did you know that only 15% of women can consistently orgasm through intercourse? So the other 85% NEED our foreplay techniques!)

Foreplay isn’t just an appetizer — it makes a delicious dinner and dessert too!

We don’t want you to miss out on all of the foreplay fun because you’re embarrassed about not knowing how to do it.

That’s why we created The Ultimate Foreplay Guides.

You can finally forget those ridiculous BJ moves you’ve read in Cosmo and those gravity-defying positions you’ve seen in porn. (Are they on wires!?!)

The Ultimate Foreplay Guides are for real people.

They’ve already helped thousands of couples bring more intimacy, pleasure, and playfulness into their relationships — no pastries required.

Imagine how sexy and confident you'll feel telling your partner, “Lay back. Let me take care of you tonight…” And when it’s your turn, your partner is just as excited to focus on you — and knows how to do it too!

Not only is exploring new techniques together FUN, but it also helps strengthen your connection and create even deeper intimacy.

Treat yourself (and your partner!) to The Ultimate Foreplay Guides and bring some excitement into the bedroom.

Here’s what our thoroughly and completely

SATISFIED customers are saying…

This is the instruction manual they should have given out in Sex Ed! Imagine how much less awkward your first few encounters would have been…

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