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You both deserve to feel blissed-out in bed. With our unique approach to intercourse, you’ll finally experience what all the fuss is about!

Here are some of the ways we’ve heard intercourse described:

If this is what your sex life looks like, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. It’s not like we were ever taught HOW to have great sex, right?

Well, not until now…

Next Level Intercourse is our most extensive digital guide, offering over 200 pages of in-depth techniques that will help you and your partner feel the most pleasure and connection possible. With 42 beautifully illustrative positions, troubleshooting tips, a comprehensive workbook, and even printable trading cards, you’ll both get to explore just how incredible intercourse can be!

You'll discover:

  • What each position is best for and why. Plus extra special combinations of positions that take the guesswork out of getting down to business. From a night of romance to a fun quickie, you’ll find an adventure to match your mood.
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to get in and out of each position so there’s no guessing at how your bodies fit together.
  • EXACTLY how to move so you know where to place your arms and legs and what to do with your hips.
  • Ways to adjust each position to make it work for your unique bodies.
  • How to play around with each position so they continue feeling fresh and new.

The illustrations in our guide are tasteful, playful, and inclusive. They’re detailed without being pornographic. Most importantly, they’re genuinely useful! No questions, uncertainty, or confusion here. Just plenty of inspiration!

You have nothing to lose with our 5-day money back guarantee!

Intercourse is one of the most intimate things you get to do with your partner, and you both deserve to have an incredible experience!
In Next Level Intercourse, prepare to have your mind blown by:

  • How female pleasure and orgasm REALLY work (FYI: most male-female couples are doing it wrong)
  • How to close the orgasm gap (because it’s about damn time!)
  • How to approach intercourse in a way that satisfies BOTH partners
  • How to tie all of these elements together to create a mind-blowing experience

Imagine how this information could transform your sex life and actually have you craving sex with your partner…
We break down some of the most common sex questions couples have but are too embarrassed to ask anyone (even Google!) like:

  • How often should you and your partner aim to have sex?
  • How long should it last each time? (There’s even a bonus section with tips about how to make it last longer!)
  • How many different positions should you try?
  • How do you navigate orgasmic timing so both partners are satisfied?

We asked our community, “What could your partner do to make intercourse the best you’ve ever had?

The answers were absolutely fascinating, filled with specific tricks, techniques, and secrets they wished their partner knew.

And even better — they’re surprisingly doable!

We’re revealing all the secrets in Next Level Intercourse. You do NOT want to miss this!

Here’s what’s included in Next Level Intercourse:

Positions Guide: 42 sexy positions with illustrations, what it’s great for, and how to move in and out of each position.

Next Level Tips: Navigating orgasmic timing, how many positions to use and when, aftercare tips, and making intercourse with your partner the best you’ve ever had.

Workbook: To record your favorite positions and make notes for the future.

Printable Trading Cards: Keep these handy in your nightstand drawer for some in-the-moment inspiration or make it a game and pull one at random!

A Truth Bomb: The secret about what women REALLY need when it comes to intercourse and how to prioritize her pleasure – Let’s close that orgasm gap!

Tips and Suggestions: Get answers for common sexual hiccups like how to find your thrusting rhythm when you’re out of sync, and what to do if you're self-conscious about being on top.

Money Back Guarantee: If you're not satisfied within 5 days of purchase, you can request a refund!

You have nothing to lose with our 5-day money back guarantee!

We take great care to be as inclusive as possible. That means representation for all ability levels, gender identities, orientations, races, body shapes, and sizes.

We’ve included suggestions for all types of partnerships, body shapes, and ability levels. If you’re pregnant, not very flexible, living in a larger body, or using a wheelchair – we’ve got you covered.

Some of the content in Next Level Intercourse is geared specifically toward cisgender male & female couples, but most of the information can be helpful to anyone who wants to build a stronger sexual connection with their partner.

Sex doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing, one-sided affair…

Once you’re having Next Level Intercourse, you’ll:

  • Eliminate shame and embarrassment about not knowing what you’re doing.
  • Feel confident that you know how to make it a “best ever” experience for you and your partner.
  • Start craving sex because you now know it’s going to be enjoyable and deeply satisfying.
  • Feel motivated and excited to keep exploring new ways to play together.
  • Have toe-curling, bedsheet-gripping, heart-opening experiences for BOTH of you!

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