Grab all four of our best-selling sexual technique guides… all in one incredible package, at an unbeatable price.

The Sexual Mastery Package is all yours for just $306 $199.

When we ask long term couples to describe their sex life in one word, the most common answers we hear are “familiar” and “routine”.

Familiar can be nice. Your favorite cozy sweater is familiar, and so is your go-to ice cream flavor…

But when you opt for what’s familiar too often, you miss out on the connection and excitement that comes with adventure. Ever tried a new ice cream flavor and loved it so much that you got upset that you didn’t try it sooner?

And in the bedroom, “familiar” can mean you're stifling yawns while changing positions. Or you’re trying your hardest to not take a quick peek at the clock when things are supposed to feel the most intense…

Listen, if your bedroom routine is as satisfying as it is familiar, more power to ya!

But if there’s a nagging voice in the back of your head saying…
…then we have a way for you to take your sex life from routine to the BEST it’s ever been in JUST ONE WEEKEND! 
With The Sexual Mastery Package, you get instant access to all FOUR of our best-selling digital technique guides for an unbeatable price!

The Sexual Mastery Package is all yours for just $306 $199.

Here’s what’s included:

Finally feel the confidence you've always wanted while blowing your partner's mind (amongst other things) with your next level skills!

With our best-selling technique guide, you discover exactly how to give your partner the most pleasurable experience they’ve EVER had — and actually have fun doing it!

Did you know that 91% of women say intercourse isn't their favorite activity?

Yep, you read that right — 91%!

For far too long, intercourse has been a one-sided experience for so many couples. If only there was some kind of intercourse “cheat code” that walked you through how to have intercourse that feels pleasurable, playful, and intimate — for BOTH partners.

Oh wait, there IS!

Next Level Intercourse offers in-depth yet easy-to-follow techniques, 42 beautifully illustrated positions, answers to the sex questions you are too afraid to ask ANYONE — even Google, and endless inspiration for ways to uplevel your experience. Next Level Intercourse will have you counting down the hours until you can get your partner alone (and naked).

When we think of dirty talk, most of us think of doing a bad imitation of a porn star. But dirty talk is so much more than that!

Our version of dirty talk means discovering what actually turns you on and gets you excited, staying present in the moment and present with your partner, and communicating your way to the hottest, most intimate sex you’ve ever had.

With this guide, you’ll ditch the feelings of awkwardness and anxiety, and watch as your partner’s jaw (and pants) drop to the floor in awe of your newfound confidence and vocabulary!

Did you know that 67% of people are curious about exploring the backdoor? Odds are at least one of you is curious, too! That’s why we demystify every ass-pect of butt stuff with simple solutions to calm your nerves and a step-by-step guide that walks you through the whole process.

Trust us, there’s WAY more to butt stuff than just penetration, and unlocking all the pleasure between those cheeks is much easier than you think!
The Sexual Mastery Package is all yours for $306 $199.

Get instant, lifetime access to FOUR of our best-selling, life-changing guides for a whopping 35% off!

You might be wondering…

We know talking to your partner about trying new things in the bedroom can feel intimidating.

Of course you don’t want your partner to feel inadequate or defensive.

But you also want to bring it up because you know it’ll strengthen your bond in and out of the bedroom….

So… blame us! Tell your partner that Vanessa and Xander are offering this absolutely nuts deal, and you couldn’t pass it up! Snagging all 4 of these mega-popular courses and guides at a 35% discount was such a steal, you just couldn’t resist! (I mean, c’mon, who can say no to a really good deal?)

We’ll let people who have purchased the guides answer that for you …

Struggling to feel confident speaking up in the bedroom?

Curious about butt stuff, but don’t know where to start?

Ready to discover the secrets to epic intercourse?

Wanna fall in love with foreplay?
Vanessa used to only share these techniques with her 1:1 clients. 

So let’s jump back in time and envision what that would have looked like for you… 

After finding a time that worked with her limited availability and your packed family calendar, sitting through rush hour traffic after work, hunting for a parking spot, and just barely making it to your appointment on time, you’d be paying her typical rate of over $500 per session. The information in these guides would take many sessions to get through, so you’d be paying thousands of dollars. (We still feel confident that you’d think it was worth every penny, but that’s a huge investment for most people!) 

The reason Vanessa stopped offering one-on-one therapy and started creating digital guides is that she wanted her tools and techniques to be accessible AND affordable. 

So instead of paying thousands of dollars, we’re now able to offer you the same lifetime access to game-changing, next-level techniques bundled in one package for a truly incredible price… and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

The Sexual Mastery Package is all yours for just $306 $199.

  • “What if I already have (or don’t want) one of the guides included in The Sexual Mastery Package?”
    You’re getting a 35% discount, so it’s a no-brainer decision even if you only want 1 or 2 of the guides!

    If you’re just feeling a bit nervous about giving Dirty Talk 101 or Butt Stuff a try (let’s be real here: they ARE a little spicier than the other guides!) you’ll have lifetime access to them in case you ever feel like branching out down the line!
  • “Is The Sexual Mastery Package only for straight couples?”
    No. The Sexual Mastery Package is inclusive, and designed for couples of all genders and orientations.
  • “It feels too expensive…”
    We’re all working with totally different budgets, and “expensive” is relative.

    If you’re in a situation where you’re deciding between paying your rent and snagging The Sexual Mastery Package, please don’t buy this package!

    If you’re in a place where you can swing the $199 bucks, but still find yourself hesitating, it may be worth evaluating how much you actually want to prioritize yourself and your relationship right now.

    Sometimes “It’s too expensive” actually means, “It’s not important to me right now.”

    Life is expensive, and a lot of our money goes towards basic needs. But most of us also mindlessly spend money on things that don’t really bring us much pleasure, connection, or joy. (Like that new pair of boots that you wore exactly once because they were too tight in the toes.)

    So ask yourself — “Is my spending actually bringing me happiness? Am I investing in the things that truly matter to me? Is my relationship worth investing in?”

    And remember — getting through all these techniques in couples therapy would cost thousands of dollars!
We put together The Sexual Mastery Package because you deserve sex that makes your heart pound and your palms sweat just thinking about it! 

You deserve intimacy that leaves you with heart-racing flashbacks to your night of passion and connection. 

So if you’re tired of thinking about how you can get more in the bedroom — more playfulness, more fun, more experimentation, more excitement, more pleasure, more connection… 

The Sexual Mastery Package is the game-changing addition your sex life deserves. 

It’s all just one click away!

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