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Because spice isn’t just for your pumpkin latte….

Get the Playbook for $99.

Has your sex life gone from sizzle to fizzle?

Do you miss feeling truly connected to your partner? 

Are you nervous that the spark in your relationship is fading fast?

Does your love life feel as routine as doing laundry? 

Does sex have you thinking about laundry? 

First of all, don’t worry! If you’re thinking any of these thoughts, that’s totally normal.

All relationships go through their ups and downs. Between work, family, and those everyday little stressors, it’s easy for your sex life to get put on the back burner.

Putting the heat back into your sex life isn’t hard. You just have to take a small step outside of your comfort zone...

But that can sound really scary if things have been feeling less than hot lately. Or if you’ve been doing the same thing in bed for years.

Variety is the spice of life and it’s the fastest way to inject some excitement into your relationship. You could spend years trying to get creative finding variety in the bedroom. Or you can take the shortcut to passion…

Trying new positions is a GREAT way to connect with your partner and rekindle that romantic spark.

That’s why we wrote a literal playbook on how to be adventurous, reignite your passion, and have better, hotter sex.

Get The Sex Position Playbook today so you can start having more fun in the bedroom tonight!

Get the Playbook for $99.

Trying new sex positions, with help from our playbook can:

Amp up intimacy and connection

Build sexual confidence (because once you master Cowgirl there’s no beast you can’t tame!)

Increase pleasure for everyone 

Improve your overall communication

See your partner in a whole new way figuratively and literally. “Your butt looks even cuter from this angle!”

Create a deeper level of trust between you and your partner

Yes! All this is possible for you and your partner.

No, you don’t have to be a gymnast to try new moves. And you don’t have to contort like a pretzel to have great sex!

With our tastefully illustrated playbook, we take you step-by-step through the whole process. From ways to communicate together to ways you can… well… climax together!

There are a lot of confusing, cringe-worthy sex position guides out there. Trust us, we’ve bought them all, so we know just how terrible they are! The pictures are so tacky and unrealistic, and the instructions are so vague that they make you feel embarrassed for even looking in the first place!

That’s why we created something better. MUCH better!

You'll discover:

What each position is best for and why.

Step-by-step instructions for how to get in and out of each position so there’s no guessing at how your bodies fit together.

EXACTLY how to move so you know where to place your arms and legs and what to do with your hips.

Ways to adjust each position to make it work for your unique bodies.

How to play around with each position, so they continue feeling fresh and new.

The illustrations in our playbook are tasteful, playful, and inclusive. They’re detailed without being pornographic. Most importantly, they’re genuinely useful! No questions, uncertainty, or confusion here.

Inclusivity Is Important

As with all our work, we take great care to be as inclusive as possible. That means representation for all gender identities, all orientations, all body shapes and sizes. Inside The Sex Position Playbook, you’ll find suggestions for all types of partnerships, body shapes, and ability levels. If you’re pregnant, use a wheelchair, or just aren’t that flexible - we’ve got you covered.

Your Playbook Includes:
Grab The Sex Position Playbook Right Now
And Start Feelin’ The Heat...Tonight!

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